(Blue Mill Intuition 2)

Call it Intuition.
Call it a Sixth Sense.
Call it Fate.

She has everyone else fooled. Not him. 

Matt Carson's cop instincts tell him there's more to pretty, straitlaced Jillian Hoffman than meets the eye. When a drive-by shooting shatters her self-control, he finds the passionate woman he's been waiting for.

Jillian keeps a horrific past at bay by living a safe, dull life. She can't give in to this wild attraction, no matter how hot the sheriff's lieutenant is. Men like Matt run toward danger, not away.

Now a drug turf war is boiling over. The only safe place is in the arms of the one man who could break her heart.


Warrior's Intuition

If you like quietly sexy heroes and edgy small town suspense, you'll love Warrior's Intuition.