Warrior's Intuition is a standalone serial

  • Ends October 24

  • No E-reader needed.

(Blue Mill Book 2)

Call it intuition. Call it a sixth sense. Call it fate.

Small town cop Matt Carson’s instincts tell him there is far more to pretty widow Jillian Hoffman than the brittle poise she hides behind. When Jillian’s armor slips after a drive-by shooting, Matt glimpses the passionate woman he’s always known is there—fated for him.

Jillian longs for a safe, uncomplicated life. Control and order keep her demons at bay and a horrific past firmly in its place. The last thing she needs is this wild attraction to quietly sexy Matt, a man who runs towards danger, not away. Now she and her son are caught up in a gang turf war. The only safe place is in the arms of the man who will break her heart.