Noelle Greene romance writer

I come from a large family and was lucky enough to inherit the storytelling gene from both parents. Lots of stories were told around the dinner table with bonus points going to the storyteller who made us pee in our pants from laughing. I blame the Irish gene pool.

We lived in Canada when I was born but I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and went to high school in Wisconsin. After earning a degree in advertising I worked as a marketing communications manager for a semiconductor company--this was back when chips, not software, were the economic engine driving Silicon Valley.
Since then I've lived up and down the West Coast, including Seattle and Irvine, CA. 

I raised two sons as a (mostly) stay-at-home mom. When they were older, I worked as a school librarian in Southern California. I finally started writing seriously with the support of my husband and the Orange County chapter of Romance Writers of America.  After moving back to the Bay Area, I joined the Silicon Valley chapter. I've now indie published five romantic suspense novels. My most recent, The Gift Paradox, is the third in a romantic thriller series called Unlikely Spies.