She can’t remember.
He will never forget.


Rose Slater wakes up in a third world country with no memories. When an enigmatic stranger shows up precisely when she needs him most, she wants to trust him. Their unnerving telepathic bond backs up his claim they were childhood sweethearts.

Yet there’s nothing sweet about the way Jackson watches her, with a bitter mix of yearning and distrust. When he kills two men with shocking ease, Rose learns just how dangerous he is.

Jackson Lee used to love this sexy, stubborn woman. Ten years later, she looks right through him. But when violent insurgents accuse her of spying, he’s her only hope. 

Now they’re 8000 miles from home and the last flight out has just taken off without them. If you like steamy romantic thrillers, twists, turns, and second chances, you’ll love The Amnesia Paradox.