(Blue Mill Intuition Book 3)

He’s Seen Her Future.
One Night Won’t Change Her Fate.

Just seconds before a freak accident, a co-worker abruptly moves to sit near Elinor Gunn.

His quick thinking and strong hands keep her safe. By the time the corporate jet touches down, Elinor is half in love with Gian Mariani, a darkly beautiful man who never smiles.

But the surreal experience has also given her a powerful gift, one that comes with a heavy price. She needs answers.

How did he know?

Gian flatly refuses to help. No matter how sweetly seductive, Elinor’s not for him. She’s a golden girl, loved by all. They call him The Undertaker behind his back.

Besides, he knows her future. One night of shared passion won’t change a thing.

Now Elinor’s unique gift has made her a target. To protect her, Gian will have to man up and return to the same small town that spit him out years before.

But he’s kept his secrets too long. Elinor may already be lost to him.

Sinner's Intuition cover

If you like edgy small town suspense with a supernatural twist, you’ll love Sinner’s Intuition.