(Blue Mill Book 3)

He’s Seen Her Future.
He Knows How This Ends.

After a surreal incident at 30,000 feet, Elinor Gunn is left with two gifts. The first is second sight, a superpower that comes with a heavy price. The second is an intense attraction to the man who protected her.

She needs answers.

Why did this intense, darkly beautiful man switch seats right before the accident? He kept her safe. Yet he obviously knows more than he’s telling.

Gian Mariani flatly refuses to explain. No matter how sweetly seductive, Elinor will never be his. One night of shared passion won’t change her fate.

When Elinor’s superpower makes her a target, Gian is the only one who can help. Now he’s forced to return to the same small town that spit him out years before.

But Gian has kept his secrets too long. Elinor may already be lost to him.

Edgy small town suspense with a supernatural twist

Sinner's Intuition cover