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When I tell new acquaintances that I write romantic suspense and action adventure, they nearly always smile. People can't help but smile. Kind of sweet, right? Even the most cynical among us secretly enjoy a good romance. This reaction is almost universal, regardless of gender, background, ethnicity, or age. 

There's a reason that romance and classic romantic themes are so popular. I'm talking dark, tortured heroes, second chances, woman in jeopardy, amnesia, psychics, fairy tale twists..shall I go on? Sure, these are cliches; however they also serve a noble purpose. Romantic stories are dependable escape pods, affordable, reliable sources of hope in dark and difficult times. 

Love and romance can change the world. In fact, I'll go out on a limb here. If romance writers ran things, we'd all be happier. For starters, what if beautiful lingerie was considered a necessity, right after food, water, and shelter? I'd be on board with that. 

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