What I’ve been reading for fun and research

Just finished this wonderful book and now I get why it's a bestseller. Lovely poetic writing, a murder mystery, haunting characters and a story that grabs you and doesn't let go until the last page. Highly recommend.

I enjoyed Toni Anderson’s romantic suspense/political thriller. The action and suspense hooked me early and often! Though I hadn’t read book 1, the book worked as a standalone.

A deep dive into the Supernatural/SuperNormal

If you're interested in a clear-eyed search for proof of consciousness after death, this journalist presents credible accounts/cases. Univ. of Virginia's research into children/reincarnation is astonishing.

This is fascinating, by the same author of Surviving Death. If you want vetted information about global military incidents vs. TV show hype, read this one. Check prices; the hardback may be cheaper.

A very deep dive. Makes for tedious reading; however it's notable as a rare, serious attempt at primary research collected from experiencers of UAPs/visitors/whatever.